Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday run

Well it was a good, 8K Thursday run.  I left a little later than usual so it was a bit warm for my liking.  I wanted to stop at about 5.5K but kept going... my runmeter stopped then, so I am not even getting credit for the 8! LOL

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Dog Run

I think I will call my short runs, my dog run.  It is when I make sure I take Max out on his run.  Now he is a high energy fast runner and could certainly do more than 4K but I am a big chicken about running in the bush with all the bear and cougars we have around here so 2K in and back is about all I can handle.  So I do it for him, he loves it, my dog run.  Now I had planned on doing my dog runs on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with my 8K runs on the street on Tuesday and Thursday and my long (working towards 20K) run on Sunday.  Well this week I did my long run on Monday and I was so happy that I had and excuse, I mean couldn't go for a run as I had to take Jaimee to Parksville.  The day after my long run I have quite stiff legs so I think I am going to have to knock out one run during the week too.  So I think my schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday dog runs, Thursday 8K and Sunday 20K.  Monday and Saturday will be my rest days.