Friday, July 31, 2009

Wow another post!

Well, I was determined to make 10 000 steps today! Jaimee (my oldest daughter) and I went for a half hour walk, so that along with my run and all my steps around home and I am at 11 170! Yay, I'll probably make 12 000 today. However, it does show how difficult it is to get to 10 000, what will I do when I am working again? Work and walk and run. When will I scrap?! LOL

Road Trip Journal Sneak Peek

As I said I am making myself a journal or mini album to help keep me motivated to lose these extra pounds and keep healthy. I had decided I wanted to do somthing as I just got hooked on mini albums and then wouldn't you know it October Afternoon came out with this fantastic paper called Road Trip and my idea has just gone from there. I am about halfway done, I'll post more when it is complete.


So this morning I stepped on my scale and it says I have gained 2 pounds! How depressing! How can that be? I have been running consistently and have really been watching what I have been eating and it has been sparse. Now normally when I have tried to lose weight before I would get upset and all routine would go out the window. Well I am determined not to let it happen again. I think having this blog helps, as does my mini album (which is almost complete - I'll post a sneak peek later) - they keep me motivated. That being said, I do think it could be the scale, it is about 20 years old at least so perhaps it is time to get a new one, I'll think I'll do that today!

I did my run, and it was much nicer, we have a bit of cloud and cooler temps today (so far anyways). I still ran about the same but I have noticed I am not as winded when I get home, and that's a good thing.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Perhaps it is going to be a Thursday thing, but I just didn't feel like going again today. I was smart and went earlier so it was not quite as warm. Now I have to do my blurfing! The run today was pretty much like yesterday. I wonder if I will ever get to the point that I like running?!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh boy!

It is so hot here! I did not run yesterday as I had an all day webcast that I signed up for that started at 8am. Now if it wasn't so hot I perhaps would have done a short run after supper, but not in this heat (40 degrees, or 103F!). You can't imagine how happy I was to sit at my computer in the hot family room all day rather than be in my craft room!

Anyhow, enough complaining. I did run today and it was already warm. I'm for sure going to try to go a smidge earlier until the weather cools a bit. I guess my blurfing will have to be after my run instead.

Gone: 21.5 minutes Run: 18 Walk: 3.5 mins!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Well maybe not a breakfast of champions, but it is the breakfast I have most often. It packs quite a punch even though it doesn't look all that appetizing! It has about 350 calories but full of nutrition. About 70 of the calories come from the 2 TBSP of ground flax that I add. Flax is very beneficial for us, everyone should try to incorporate it daily. Check out this post regarding flax.


1/3 cup regular oatmeal 2/3 cup hot water 1/3 cup cottage cheese (I use 1%) 1/2 cup blueberries 2 TBSP ground flax 2 TBSP slivered almonds 1 TBSP Splenda sweetener I also add some Apple Pie Spice. I then microwave for about 75 seconds then it is ready.

Back into a routine

We got back from camping yesterday afternoon, and the kids had fun in our little pool but hubby and I just baked! It was 38 degrees in town and supposed to be the same today. I wanted to start painting our front door this week, but I may just have to hide out in my craftroom for a bit!

I did my run again, I thought I took it a bit slower as my knees are bothering me a bit but I finished in 21 minutes with only 4 minutes of walking!

I also got myself this pedometer:

I just got it while we were away so yesterday afternoon I had it on for awhile. It is fun to watch how many steps you make in a day just doing the mundane day to day stuff. What is neat about this one, is that it hooks up to a computer so I can graph my daily activity and see how I am doing towards my goal! It tells me how many calories are burned too, now that's fun! So far today I have done 3641 steps, I am hoping to do 10,000 a day wonder if I will get there?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Still camping

We are out camping but luckily for me it is not too far away. I went for a run yesterday (this is is about 4 Km and is very hilly - so I did have to walk part of it) and a short one this morning. My knee is bothering me so I think I will take tomorrow and Sunday off. I came in from camping to have a proper shower! This bathing in the river is fine but the legs need shaving!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Didn't want to go...

I really did not feel like running today, and because we are heading out camping for a few days, I almost talked myself out of it because I had to get ready to go. Well I went for my run, and almost talked myself into doing the easier route, ie forgo most of 'THE HILL'. However, I didn't I did the whole route and I am glad I did!

Gone 22 minutes: walked 4 .5 minutes!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot already!

I ran at 9am this morning again - had to make a card first ;) I am going to have to go earlier as I am finding it too hot.

Gone: 23 minutes - run 17 walk 6

Sunday, July 19, 2009

9 Pounds!!

No run yesterday but I did paint Danica's room, 2 coats in one day!

I went out for my run today at about 9 am rather than 8 and it was already getting warm. I was gone for 23 minutes and 7 of it was walking. Not quite as good as Friday, but close.

The good news is that at a 2 week check point I am down 9 pounds! So happy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Good Run

Did another run today. This time I finished in 22 minutes: Running 16 and walking 6. Feels good!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

That hill is killing me!

I found out the other day that I am anemic again. Would explain why I feel so tired all the time! I haven't let it get the best of me, I am pursuing on the running. I missed yesterday as me, the girls and my mom went to Nanaimo shopping for the day - a girl has to shop right?!

I managed to finish the run in 25 minutes rather than 27. I am pushing myself to running up more of the hill. I have to admit though it is tough, the hill is winning thus far. One day I will.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stepped it up!

I went for a run again after a few days off. I stretched out my route just a smidge, it takes about 7 minutes longer. I know I am running a further distance than I am walking, just not sure of minute wise, I think I run more than I walk. The trouble is that on the route I take most of it is fairly level, but on the way home it is a gradual incline with a steep hill at the end! I can't run the whole way up yet, hoping to one day.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Note to Self

Well, today I really didn't feel like going for my run. First time it has happened. What did I do? I went on it earlier! I figured if I waited until my regular run time (around 9 am) I may talk myself out of going. So I left at 8:30 and it was a good one, I'm glad I went!

Now, note to self: don't wear the Lulu Hip Hop pant for running! I had worn them during the day for a couple of days and they were headed to the laundry. Well, I figured I may as well wear them on my run rather than get some clean running clothes all sweaty. Not a good idea, they are a little loose in the waist - which is why I like them - comfort! They kept inching their way down, not fun! They would not have fallen off, I just didn't like where they would fall to. Oh well, the run is done and the running clothes are still clean!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doing Good!

Just got back from another run, they are getting somewhat easier. I am running for about 15 mins and walking for about 5. Good enough for a start. I am hoping to work up to running for 20 minutes then 30. I would like to be able to run for 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Week

Well it has been a week since I set forth on my goal. It has been good, there have been times when I had the urge to snack, not because I was hungry but just because it seemed the thing to do, but I resisted. I have gone on my run all weekdays (heading off again soon here - was waiting for Danica to wake up!). So what is the result? Well it is much better than I had expected!

I have lost 5 pounds!

Wow! I know this won't happen every week, sure would be nice if it did. It makes my 15 pounds this summer quite reachable!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying to rain

The weather has really cooled off here. I didn't get my run done right away this morning as I had to go for blood tests. That had me worried as usually if I don't do it right off, I don't do it. Well I just got back from my run, luckily with the cool weather I was able to do this. I know if it was hot I would have talked myself out of doing it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A new week

Well here we are another Monday. I have to say I was very good on the weekend, I ate well but I didn't really do much in the way of exercise besides gardening. Today, however, I did my run and was able to run longer than last week. Yay!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Can I do it?

With school being out and not a lot of big plans for the summer (just a bit of camping, painting, cleaning, organizing and of course scrapping), I want to really focus on getting fit and being more healthy. I am at the point in my life where the kids can look after themselves more and thus I can too. With the onset of my hypothyriod a couple of years back I gained a lot of weight, quite depressing until I found out why. Well I am hoping to rid myself of the baggage. Can I do it? I am going to go out on a limb and say YES I CAN. I am hoping to lose 25 - 30 pounds - by when, I'm not sure, don't want to be unrealistic but I do hope to lose 15 this summer. I'm thinking that by writing it down here it will keep me motivated to keep it up. Eat right (shouldn't be too hard, I do have a degree in Nutrition and we already eat quite well - I am just going to focus on cutting down on some things) and exercise more. Throughout the year me and a friend try to walk regularly. However, with family business some weeks we don't walk, other weeks we go 4 times a week for 45 minutes. I am hoping to get into my own routine this summer and thus try to keep it up through the year.

Where am I now? July 2nd I started my running. I don't go far or fast, or even run the whole way but it is a start. I ran yesterday too. Well today I took a break, the sore legs told me too! I am planning on a quick 20 minute run M-F and anything else that comes up. Fingers are crossed that I can carry out my plan. No fingers are not crossed, I AM going to do it. Who is with me?