Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Mojo???

Can you have no mojo for exercise? I have not had a lot of mojo for scrapping lately each card or layout has been a long process and not always rewarding. So today I ran and I went on my 5K rather than my 6K run as it just felt mojoless. KWIM? I just got bored and couldn't go on. But at least I went. I am slowly inching my way to the 25 pound mark. I was at a workshop yesterday and one of my old principals that I team taught with a few years ago asked me if I was shrinking? It is nice that people are noticing. I have averaged about 5 pounds per month since July 1st when I set out on this journey. My road seemed so daunting and so far away but each pound I have lost has been that spark to keep me on the right track. I am now aiming at about 16 more pounds. But now I am taking it 5 pounds at a time. Perhaps my initial goal is not that realistic. Yes I did weigh it at one time but that was before kids and such. Perhaps that weight is not really a healthy one for me now. I will see as I get closer. But for now I am still aiming for another 16 pound loss by next spring or summer.


  1. I think you can run into a sort of rut when it comes to this type of thing. Maybe you need to try something a little different to spark you back up again. Speaking of spark, have you ever heard of It's free and it might just help you get through this and maybe find your mojo again!

    I know you can do it!! You've done fabulously well so far! *Ü*

  2. You have been doing great!!! People are noticing your weight loss, what a booster... I'm bad, and i know it. I need a spark, or maybe a bomb. LOL I'll get there.

    You Go Girl!!!