Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally Run

Well being really sick and absolutely no energy for one week and then this week recouping I have not done a lot of exercise.  Today Jason and I went for a run through the trails.  He left his truck at a friends so we had to run over to get it.  It was raining slightly but it was ok.  Was still a little hard for me, had a hard time breathing.  But I got out that is the main thing.  Funny thing is... he left his truck at his friends house, who happens to have gotten a ride here so he can catch a cab after the superbowl.  I said, "Why didn't you just leave him your keys and he could have just driven your truck here today rather than having (his wife) drop him off?"  Friend says, "That's what my wife said too"   I guess some men have a hard time thinking of common sense things, hehehe!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! I was sick when i first started up again in Jan. "Determined"!
    LOL at the man thing.... Giggling.