Saturday, January 16, 2010

A tough go!

We have had so much rain all week, so much so in fact, that our streets even flooded.  But today was a beautiful sunny day so I went for a run.  I found it hard today for some reason so I did my shorter run, but better than not going at all.  I signed up for the Times Colonist 10K at the end of April so that is keeping me motivated!  My goal is to be able to run it in an hour or just over.  I have set another goal or two as well.  I am still sitting at 25 pounds, I hope to lose 5 more by the end of February and then hopefully another 5 by the end of April.  So I have to keep on trucking, and stay 'on the right track'.


  1. Bummer about the rain, but glad you took advantage of a break in it to get a run. Sounds like you have a great plan to keep your motivation high! Go, Laurel, GO!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!! I wish i was in your shoes... or maybe just running beside you!!
    You Go Girl!!
    That is great about keeping off the weight. I'm thinking of taking some before pics of myself... maybe that will then be my Wake-Up call! Ugh