Saturday, September 19, 2009

An Audience

I normally do my run first thing in the morning (well after I've had a tea and blogged for about 1 hour!). Today I was 'lazy' and didn't feel like going right away. I scrapbooked for a bit and then I decided I better go or I just may not. Well, I forgot about the Toy Run today so for part of my run I had an audience! I ran right up the street where onlookers were waiting for the Toy Run parade. Yah, I felt a little dumb, but at least it was only for a short part of my run!


  1. Ooops! I'd have felt the same way. But good for you for not letting it stop you!

  2. LOL Did you feel like a celebrity? How cute.. It happens! Did they cheer you on? Well at least you didn't quit, you kept running.. Good for U!! I would have felt dumb too.