Saturday, September 12, 2009

Run, run as fast as you can

Well not really, but I ran to my mom's this morning and did it in 5 minutes less than I took before. It felt good too.

Along with my weight loss this summer (total was 18 pounds!) I also did my measurements when I started on this track. In 2 months I have lost a total of 11 inches! This is all totalled - ie. 2 from hips, 2 from waist etc. Looks like I am still on the right track.


  1. As i was reading your title I was thinking.. "Run Forest Run" LOL You go girl!! You are doing so great! Congrats on loosing weight & inches! I took my measurements about 2 weeks ago. Haven't remeasured yet. I know muscle weighs more then fat. I'm hoping I'm building some. :) I need to cut out some calories.

  2. I would say you are on the right track for sure. Doesn't it just feel great after that kind of accomplishment? Good job.

  3. FABULOUS!!!! I'm so happy for and proud of you!

    Dang...I forgot to take my measurements before I started. Guess I'd better do that this week so I have a base to work from huh?

    Keep up the GREAT work!