Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I ran...

I did a run today! I have to say I have had some nice comments from people, thank you. I have actually gone to my doctor and have been going to physiotherapy and neither of them want me to stop running. I have also searched on the internet and consensus there, too is to try and run through the pain as apparently as the legs get stronger the pain goes away. I hope so. Anyhow I did run today. I did is slowly and I did a short one (my original route). I ran the whole thing, so it does feel good.

As I was running though I was thinking about what I 'look' like. Brace on my knee, orthotics in my shoes and I thought so this is what '40' (something) looks like! Hahaha. Then I remembered the Butterfly Crafts Challenge and I thought about it. There is a song called (I think) "This is what love looks like". Well I decided I would change the title to This is What 40 looks like (truth be told, in a couple of months I will be 42), and so came the inspiration for this picture. Now I am not a good still life photographer, but you get the point. Orthotics in the shoes (gosh these are so dirty - I need some new runners!), knee brace, ice (physiotherapist says to ice my knee for 10 minutes after a run), and advil (to keep all the aches and pains at bay)! I see a scrapbook page coming on!!!


  1. Good for you Laurel! Nice picture! My hubby takes {Nature Made} Triple Fex}to help his joints. { i should be on it too} He gets it at WM. 80 caps, 2 per day ~ $20.00 a bottle.
    Can't wait to see your page!

  2. Good for you. Doesn't it just feel great after you're done with a run? I like the picture too.