Friday, July 10, 2009

Note to Self

Well, today I really didn't feel like going for my run. First time it has happened. What did I do? I went on it earlier! I figured if I waited until my regular run time (around 9 am) I may talk myself out of going. So I left at 8:30 and it was a good one, I'm glad I went!

Now, note to self: don't wear the Lulu Hip Hop pant for running! I had worn them during the day for a couple of days and they were headed to the laundry. Well, I figured I may as well wear them on my run rather than get some clean running clothes all sweaty. Not a good idea, they are a little loose in the waist - which is why I like them - comfort! They kept inching their way down, not fun! They would not have fallen off, I just didn't like where they would fall to. Oh well, the run is done and the running clothes are still clean!

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