Monday, July 27, 2009

Back into a routine

We got back from camping yesterday afternoon, and the kids had fun in our little pool but hubby and I just baked! It was 38 degrees in town and supposed to be the same today. I wanted to start painting our front door this week, but I may just have to hide out in my craftroom for a bit!

I did my run again, I thought I took it a bit slower as my knees are bothering me a bit but I finished in 21 minutes with only 4 minutes of walking!

I also got myself this pedometer:

I just got it while we were away so yesterday afternoon I had it on for awhile. It is fun to watch how many steps you make in a day just doing the mundane day to day stuff. What is neat about this one, is that it hooks up to a computer so I can graph my daily activity and see how I am doing towards my goal! It tells me how many calories are burned too, now that's fun! So far today I have done 3641 steps, I am hoping to do 10,000 a day wonder if I will get there?

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