Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another long run

Another run to my mom's, it went well today. I ran almost the whole way (apart from waiting at a couple of stop lights). Unfortunately she lives up a hill too, so some walking there!

Gone: 41 minutes Walk: 4 Run: 37

The good thing is that I am not so winded after a run, so whether I lose weight or not (and I better!), I am definately getting in shape. The hard part is being so stiff for the rest of the day, ahhh 41 how nice!


  1. Laurel, I'm a huge fan of your artwork, and am now looking forward to following your progress here. I lost 45 pounds (, too, so I know you can do it! I kept the weight off for a year but let my exercising go a bit. I'm now cleansing again and plan on gaining more muscle and losing 16 pounds of fat to get down to my high school weight! Unlike you, I can't bladder control...LOL! Best of luck with training for your marathon!